Where Witch & Wild Meet

September 10th

Come celebrate the turning of the wheel with a day of workshops and speakers, 20+ vendors, readers, food, a limited bar, and community!

Special Guests
Tish Owen 11 & 2pm

Meade Neumann 1 &4 pm

East S.M. 12 & 3pm


Donation of a non-perishable food
or pet food item.

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All donations benefit Second Harvest of East TN

Tish Owen

Tish Owen is a mother, daughter, grandmother, wife, business owner, witch, candle maker, brewer, sailor, Pagan church leader, festival organize, psychic and author. She was born and raised and still lives in Nashville, TN. The buckle of the so called Bible Belt. Despite that she has owned a metaphysical shop for 24 years, runs the largest Pagan gathering in the southeast and also coordinates a metaphysical fair as well. She is a regular in the media, from print, to magazines, to radio and television, she admits to loving radio the best.

Her Pagan festival, Pagan Unity Festival has been running for 25 years and brings in Pagan celebrities to the South that have never been to the area before. The festival last four days in the woods in the rolling hills of Tennessee.

Tish Owen has over twenty-five years of experience as a psychic in Nashville, was voted the best psychic in Nashville by the Nashville Scene.

Contact Information

Nashville, TN
(615) 251-9833

Meade Neumann

Meade Neumann is a Healer, through and through.  She has been blessed with a wealth of experiences in different countries and different cultures.  Born with the gifts of Empathy and Intuition, she has spent the last 20+ years delving into the Healing arts.

She is a practitioner of the dying art of Greenlief Healing, an old Norse tradition that echoes many of the concepts of the Holographic Universe.  Hundreds of years ago, they may not have had the word for DNA, but they believed that everything had an instinctive picture of what it was supposed to look like and how it was supposed to function.  She gained her Greenlief Mastery in 1996, and followed that with the Attunements to become a Reiki Master in 2001.  In 2008 she became a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Registered Certified Reflexologist in Tennessee.

Since 2008, Meade has continued to add to her professional Massage skills, expanding from Swedish into Deep Tissue, Prenatal and some Lomi Lomi.  Her Intuitive Medical senses paired with Empathy allow people’s bodies to communicate directly with her, giving her impressions regarding disease, distress and physical manifestations of emotional trauma. She finds each person to be a magnificent puzzle, worthy of respect and compassion, but never to be treated with fear.  It is her goal to give people greater clarity and perspective regarding their own body/mind/spirit so that they are in the best position to create Health and Wellness within themselves.

Contact Information

Asheville, NC
(828) 489-4222

East S.M.

Author of Mercy’s Quest an occult fantasy novel and featured on GirlTalk HQ
Straight out of the Appalachian mountains, Mercy’s Quest (June 21, 2022, Auguries and Alchemy) by East. S.M.is inspired by an author’s own encounters with the mystical. As a generational divination artist, East drew inspiration from her small coal mining town to create this rich novel. A perfect blend of fantasy and adventure, Mercy’s Quest will entertain readers who love a supernatural twist.

East S. M. is an Appalachian Occultist, Diviner, educator, artist, performer, and now author. A cosmic being in her own right, she was born in a small Kentucky town that sits inside a meteorite crater. She spent her childhood studying under a strong matriarchal family that imparted its intuitive gifts and Appalachian Spirit practices from prior generations.

East is continuously inspired by music and the power of myth. She enjoys reading paranormal, adventure, and occult fantasy fiction works. One of her highest callings and greatest gifts in life is to share her divinity and intuition through teaching and facilitating sacred ritual spaces.  A wild past of wonderful and sometimes unspeakable experiences, and decades of empowering others to seek their own quests, has called East to share Mercy’s story in the esoteric genre of Occult fiction. Her debut novel is the first in an anthology that reimagines the Spirit world, the human condition, and the necessity of both evolution and devolution within our lifetimes. https://theartisteast.com/..

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